Print Manager


If you use printers, it is vital to know how much printing is going on as well as what is being printed and who is doing the printing. Armed with this data it is then simple to reduce the cost of printing using some simple print management software where it is easy to set a printing quota.

If you are a professional organisation such as lawyers, accountants, architects etc, it is also important to be able to bill clients for printing. Again print management software will be able to help you here.

If you need to set a limit on printing, this software is perfect as you and restrict printing by setting a printing quota.

Software Shelf's #1 Print manager PlusĀ® print management software is the perfect network print server companion. Using this print management software you will easily be able to track, audit, manage, restrict and bill for printing by user, group or printer.

This is the top out of the box solution and works on any Microsoft supported Windows platform enabling easy tracking of all printing. This software is easy to install and easy to use and enables big savings simply by knowing where printings costs are accumulating and also by simple restrictions such as limiting color printing.

User Experience

"We purchased Print Manager Plus 2010 from you recently. It's been a big success, to the point where our School is being featured on Teachers TV to promote our success in saving money." - Steve Thompson Senior ICT Support


Print management software like Print Manager Plus can save you huge sums of money. Many organisations save 50% on printing costs so the math is simple. Just halve your costs with a little printer administration.